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I feel like I’ve tried every “natural” deodorant on the market — the crystal rocks you wet and rub in your pits, Tom’s of Maine, Kiss My Face, J/A/S/O/N… If it’s in the healthy foods aisle, I’ve tried it. Nothing worked on my brand of stank.

I didn’t want to use commercial deodorants for reasons like knowing what the ingredients are in things I’m rubbing on my body, opting out of using aluminum salts, and choosing cruelty-free products.

Best option so far? Just mixing coconut oil and baking soda and schmearing it in there. I can go all day emitting no noxious odors from my underarms. I don’t measure, but have some pre-mixed in a jar that I just glop on every day.

Speaking of coconut oil, I also use that as a body lotion and face lotion. It’s one single ingredient, vegan, relatively cheap, and even edible if you’re into that kind of thing.

I use coconut oil to lotion my one-year-old son up, too. It’s great for after-bath and if he has a touch of diaper rash, it clears that up too. I use it instead of Vaseline if he has a little scuff or cut that I want to protect.

While we’re just talking about chemical-free stuff to protect the environment, animals and ourselves…

I also use baking soda & vinegar in place of Drano. Just pour ’em both down the drain and let them battle the gunk out.

I use water & vinegar in place of spray cleaner for kitchen and bathroom surfaces, to dust, clean tables and chairs and to mop the floor (When I ever actually mop the floor, that is… Ha).

I use a touch of tea tree oil, a drop of Dr. Bronner’s and water in a spray bottle on reusable flannel wipes in place of commercial baby wipes.

I used coconut oil to prevent stretch marks during my pregnancy.

I used coconut oil to prevent cradle cap on my newborn baby.

I use coconut oil or olive oil in place of Chapstick.

Coconut oil is also great as a massage oil. Add a drop of lavender. Awesome for baby massage, too.

We use a touch of Dr. Bronner’s soap instead of baby soap or shampoo, and instead of body wash for ourselves.

I tried making my own toothpaste from peppermint oil, baking soda and coconut oil, but for me that was just going too far!

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Kate Austin-Avon has been vegetarian since 2006 and vegan since 2013, and raising her 2-year-old son vegan. He is happy and healthy! Kate owns Advokate, a business empowering artists, nonprofits, startups and small businesses with the marketing tools they need to be successful. She designed Glens Falls Vegan's website and logo.

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  1. Laura February 16, 2014 at 3:13 am - Reply

    Thanks for having this site. As a new vegan I wonder what my dining out options are. Your site has given me some ideas of where I can get a vegan meal. I do know that Bistro LeRoux has vegan options on heir menu.

    Again, thanks!!!


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