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East End Eatery


240 Warren Street
Glens Falls, NY
(518) 745-0747


Mon – Sat: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm
Sun: 11 am – 8:00 pm

East End Eatery is a great pizza and sandwich shop owned by Rachel Heym Dutra and her family. They are supporters of local events like LocalFest and Take A Bite, feature local tea from SensibiliTeas and are willing to do vegan customizations to the menu, which includes fried appetizers, salads, pizza, subs, sandwiches and more.

They are happy to make a pizza without cheese or do any veggie sub, sandwich, wrap or panini cheese-less.

Owner Rachel says she loves cheeseless pizza herself: “I make one really loaded with veggies and lots of garlic and oregano!”

She adds, “However, when it comes to grilling and cooking things, cross-contamination is very difficult to eradicate. We all try our best with clean utensils and clean work spaces but in a place where so many foods are being together it gets tricky. I have lots of people with dietary needs that order from us because if you tell me you have an allergy or sensitivity or specific dietary requirement, they know we will do our best. I have one young lady who can’t process fat so I bake things for her. She knows it takes quadruple the time, but she’s perfectly content waiting. I have another customer who’s deathly allergic to carrots. I make sure to put wax paper down and get fresh mayo and spatula when I make her chicken salad sandwiches. It’s all about effort.”

Rachel says, “If I had one piece if advice to give it would be for people not to be afraid to speak up and explain their food situation. The more the person preparing your food knows, the better. There’s a big difference between a vegan of 10 years and someone who just wants a veggie sandwich and doesn’t feel like having cheese. I would have to look at our dressings, I know our Italian is just oil vinegar and spices because we make it.”

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Kate Austin-Avon has been vegetarian since 2006 and vegan since 2013, and raising her 2-year-old son vegan. He is happy and healthy! Kate owns Advokate, a business empowering artists, nonprofits, startups and small businesses with the marketing tools they need to be successful. She designed Glens Falls Vegan's website and logo.

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